The Details


Cynthia and CC share a lineage through the Isis/Magdalen Lines.

These energies will be the spiritual support, creating a catalytic,

celebratory container for the feminine.

To register, please complete your payment and download the Holy Chalice - Questionnaire.doc
When you are finished with the form, email it to Cynthia at  and CC at
Investment: $497 before Sept. 1, $547 after that.  

Deposit to hold your spot: $100 
(full payment is due by Oct 15 (Sept1 for Early Bird Discount) The_Holy_Chalice_files/

Through the ancient sisterhood, earth magic, and ritual you will:

  1. Open your sexuality with powerful womb cleanses, sensual dance

  2. Activate the ancient feminine for full empowerment with Holy Chalice Ritual

  3. Receive channeled transmissions and upgrades from the Magdalenes and Isis

  4. Rejuvenate and enliven your body with energy activations and letting go of the past

  5. Find your power and creativity with powerful ceremonies and ancestor healings

  6. Dream your life into being in a Tipi ceremony, deeply connecting to Mother Earth and the support of the feminine circle of light

  7. Enjoy tea infusions, healthy snacks and anointing yourself with pure, medicinal grade essential oils from
    Wisdom of the Earth

  8. Restore your honor as a woman, activating your feminine leadership

Cynthia Olivera de Kapp

For over three decades, Cynthia has been a movement educator and therapist, energy healer, and spiritual counselor. Her roots are with the indigenous nations of the Caribbean and Corsica. This rich heritage provides an ancient lineage in the healing arts, including natural medicine. She has been teaching women to dance their prayers, heal their sexual issues and meditate with the Earth and the essences as their allies. She teaches women how to rediscover the juicy-ness and aliveness of the divine feminine through sacred dance, sacred sexuality, essential oils and heart dreaming.

CC Treadway

Born spiritually open, CC has been practicing energy work for 20 years, teaching workshops on healing, sound healing, channeling, psychic development, aromatherapy and spiritual growth. Her work stretches globally through lightwork and music activations, channelings, articles, telecourses, workshops and healings.  Among many other trainings, CC is a graduate of the four-year energy healing and personal transformation program, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (Author of Hands of Light).

For the past 13 years she has worked with women to heal from trauma and open to creativity and love.  The mysteries held through the Magdalen energy lines are her primary source of teaching and unwinding into the feminine. CC also helps young adults who are very psychically open, often with a history of abuse, needing assistance in learning how to control their abilities.

Cynthia is a Master Aromatherapist, and is the Educational Director for "Wisdom of the Earth" essential essences in Page Springs, Arizona, where she teaches advanced aromatherapy workshops with her husband Barry Kapp, the founder of WOTE.

Extending her studies and experience, Cynthia has recently completed the trainings led by Dr. Steven Greer to become an “Ambassador of the Universe.” She has had many unusual and beautiful ET encounters. In her experience, and what is profoundly intriguing to her, is when “they” show up, they emit a fragrance like that of an essential essence. Amazed by this, it reaffirms how deeply connected all beings are, not only to nature, but across all time and space.

A multidisciplinary artist, CC is an accomplished film editor, songwriter, performer and teacher living in Miami, FL. She runs her own mystery school called the Lightschool for Creative Activation. This school is overlit by the Hathors, Magdalens, Christ energies and ushers women into their divine, creative purpose through the priestess path.

About the Facilitators

“ The Goddess doesn't enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking. She is integrity and value, created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope. She is bold. She knows who she is! “ ~ Solana Green Torres

~ Join us for an extraordinary weekend! ~


To register, please complete your payment and download the Holy Chalice - Questionnaire.doc
When you are finished with the form, email it to Cynthia at and CC at
Investment: $497 before Sept 1, $547 after that   

Deposit to hold your spot: $100 
(full payment is due by Oct 15, 2016, Sept 1 for early bird price)The_Holy_Chalice_files/


The weekend takes place in Page Springs, AZ on the sacred land of Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils, a place of learning and remembering our deep connection to the Mother. Available to us is a dance studio, teepee, medicine wheel, and more.

WOTE is only 15 minutes from the heart of Sedona. The beauty and high vibration of this land is palpable.

Accommodation suggestions to be given upon registration.

SCHEDULE (Subject to evolve)

Friday Eve 6-9pm ~ Opening the Cauldron

  1. 1.Introductions & Intentions

  2. 2.Opening channeling from the energy of Isis and the Magdalens

  3. 3.Anointing Ceremony with Wisdom of the Earth Essences

Saturday  9-9pm ~ Entering the Cauldron of Creation

  1. 1.Sensual Movement Series ~ Enter the wound to find the gift

  2. 2.Anointing Ritual ~ cleansing and activating the womb

  3. 3.Reclaiming Sexuality

  4. 4.Lunch

  5. 5.Group Process/Ancestry Healing

  6. 6.Dinner

  7. 7.Alchemical Dream Activation ~ Cauldron of Creation Tipi Ceremony

Sunday 11-3pm ~ Day of Creation and Receiving

  1. 1.Movement Series

  2. 2.Birthing the Dream free create, writing your new story

  3. 3.Holy Chalice Initiation

  4. 4.Closing channeling with the energies of Magdalen

  5. 5.Closing sharing circle

Healthy snacks provided, bring your own meals.

Accommodation suggestions are given upon registration.

Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils

For thousands of years essential oils have been used for anointing and healing. Mary Magdalen anointed Yeshua’s body with Spike Nard, opening him to the spiritual planes prior to his Ascension. Essential oils have limitless healing capabilities, especially when we are in sacred relationship with the spirit of the plant. All of the rituals and initiations at the Holy Chalice are intensified by working with these powerful essences.


Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils are pure, high vibrational medicinal single essences. They work on all levels of the multidimensional body. Through the ancient and sacred act of anointing, your healing process will be catalyzed and supported by the plant and tree kingdom. Plus, they smell delicious.

It is our honor to present this work and support you. Thank you!

Cynthia and CC

~The Holy Chalice~ 
The ancient voice of the Feminine lives inside you. 
She is rising in the world. She is needed in the world. She is ready to be activated in you.

A very special workshop is occurring on the sacred land of Wisdom of the Earth just outside of Sedona, Arizona.  In this weekend you will take an elemental journey into the true essence of who you are as a woman, Creation herself. 

Like many women, you may feel stifled, hidden somewhere in the background, but in the depths of your being lies a powerful woman, a woman full of life and abundantly creative. She is now ready to come out of the primordial waters to birth herself anew, to shed the years of false conditioning, to be the Mother, to be the Woman so she can be unapologetically alive, in love and free.  

The alchemical container of transformation, the womb, will awaken your deepest, essential self, calling forth the Goddess of Life, activating the Sacred Masculine. The Holy Chalice pours the waters of renewal to cleanse and fill, to wash away all that binds you, setting you free, calling you home.

The womb is your center of creation and sexuality. If it is blocked, so is your ability to create and magnetize from your deepest desires.

The root of the feminine power is located in the womb, and it gives you confidence and strength without sacrificing softness and receptivity. It is here your creative powers are born and filled. 

What most women do not know is that the energy of old trauma can stay lodged in the uterus for YEARS, preventing full embodiment, empowerment and pleasure. This includes birth trauma, miscarriage, abortion, abuse, rape, abandonment, neglect or disconnected sex.  These blocks can prevent healthy creativity from flowing, create infections, exaggerate a fear of being seen, or even prevent romance and intimacy from entering your life.

We have created a powerful series of womb cleansing and heart opening exercises to restore you to your primal, unhindered sacred sexuality and magnetism.

For too long the feminine has been disregarded and devalued. Not anymore.

We will remind your body and soul of your valuable place in the world with a complete honoring of your feminine. This ignites cellular changes in your body and lasting effects to your self confidence and self esteem.

This will be a weekend of powerful conjuring, where you remember who you are. We will open a vortex of creation, and you will step into your birthright as Creator, igniting your desires and dreams.

If you have an unanswered dream, here you let go of disempowerment to

become the dream.

If you feel, somewhere deep in your soul a power that you can’t put your finger on...this work is for you. As is all true work of the feminine, the Mystery is in charge, and we simply allow that force to work through us. The results of this weekend will depend very much on who shows up, on each woman’s dream, as our spirits will link together in Creation, activating the Mystery.

~The Power of Ceremony~

~The Restoration of the Womb as Holy Vessel~

The December Workshop is now filled. Please email below emails to be on the waiting list, or to be notified of the next one, thank you!

The December Workshop is now filled. Please email below emails to be on the waiting list, or to be notified of the next one, thank you!